Bistro Luire Store is Now Open!

Island Delicatessen

Bistro Luire main courses are now available for take-out

Forget about your busy life and indulge in “Bistro time” with your family or camping outside.

Stewed BENIBUTA pork hamburger steak with white cheese sauce
200g 680円
200g x 5 packs 3,400円

Stewed Ishigaki MISAKI beef hamburger steak with ratatoille sauce
220g 780円
220g x 5 packs 3,800円

Stewed black pork spare ribs with Miso BBQ sauce
250g 780円
250g x 5 packs 3,800円

Ishigaki MISAKI beef curry – European style
200g 780円
200g x 5 packs 3,800円

Ginoza tiger prawns and seafood bisque soup
220g 1,280円
220g x 3 packs 3,800円

More menu items are available for take-out!

Everyone’s Favourite – The Bistro Burger now has a 50% bigger patty!

Tebiti Pork Rice
Panini Box
Tuna Tomato Pasta
Roasted Duck Breast
Roasted A4 Wagyu Beef Rib Roast
Okinawan Prawn Penne Omar Sauce
Hamburger Steak Box

Hours to order: 10:00 – 20:00
Hours to pick up: 11:30 – 21:00
Please call us to order and tell us what time you are coming to pick up.
Preparation time depends on your order. Call us well in advance then you can pick up without waiting too long.
We can also bring your orders to your car, so please let us know when ordering if you wish.

Tel: 098-923-1213

Bistro Luire


Island Bistro Luire

A trendy and cozy restaurant, where you can enjoy casual Italian & Tropical French cuisine
Located by the ocean in Maeda, Onna-son.


Themed on “Sante”, or health, we use Okinawa local ingredients
Cooked with European ingredients and techniques
Enjoy casual Italian and tropical French cuisine.

“LUIRE” is a French word meaning “to brightly shine”.


Organic Vegetables Salad
Served with truffle-flavored dressing


Okinawan Pig Trotters Terrine


Hokkaido Scallops
Cold Genovese Pasta


Ginoza Prawn
Bisque Risotto
Served with Parmesan
White Omelet


Luire Recommended Menu

Black Pork Spare Ribs Risotto
¥1,200 (plus tax)

Okinawa Black Beef A4 – A5 Motobu Beef Roasted Ribs
¥3,500 (plus tax)  


Party Plan

Buffet on table plan (for a group of 4 – 14)

JPY3,000 per person (plus tax)
Two hours for additional JPY2,000 men & ladies JPY1,500
Three hours for additional JPY2,500 men & ladies JPY2,000

Stand-up party (for a group of 15 – 30)

JPY2,500 per person (plus tax)
Two hours for additional JPY2,000 men & ladies JPY1,500
Three hours for additional JPY2,500 men & ladies JPY2,000

Please make a reservation more than 3 days in advance

For a group of 8 or more, please make a reservation five days before.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any questions or inquiries.

Luire Course

Luire Course is the highest-class, most blissful course menu at Luire
Prepared by using extravagant local ingredients and organic vegetables.
We hope you enjoy.

Amuse bouche







Royale jelly served with sea urchin

Colorful, fresh seafood, served with Karasumi (salted and dried mullet roe), jelly style

Ginoza Prawn Bisque

“Deep Ocean Ruby” Akamachi Flame Snapper poêlé – Ravigote sauce

Roasted Rib, Okinawa Black Wagyu (A5 rank, Motobu beef) – Red Wine sauce

Glaçage au chocolat and Kanda Japanese Tea Garden’s Sencha Mousse
Seasonal fruits / Bread, Baguette / Coffee or Tea

JPY7,500 per person (plus tax)
Menu items are subject to change due to ingredient availability. Thank you for your understanding.

Reservation is required by three days in advance for Luire Course only.

Please feel free to contact us anytime for any questions or inquiries.


Yoichi Ueno

Born in 1976 in Toyonaka, Osaka
Graduated Osaka University of Arts, Environmental Planning


Opened “BAR TINGER” in Okinawa, using a bus camper.
Engaged in a resort hotel and resort wedding industry to learn cooking techniques.

August 2016

Opened Bistro Luire in Maeda, Onna-son, Okinawa.

“Amazing little Bistro minutes away from Maeda Flats. The Risotto was perfectly paired with this really flavorful pulled pork and the breaded beef with their version of Demi glaze sauce brought me back to my youth. With only four tables this a great place to take the wife to eat for a relaxing time together. Cozy and with a great staff.”

Martin Salazar




Bistro Luire is a trendy and cozy café and restaurant
Where you can enjoy casual Italian & Tropical French cuisine,
Located by the ocean in Maeda, Onna-son.

LUNCH 11:30〜15:00 (L.O 14:30) 

DINNER 18:00〜22:00 (L.O 21:30)

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〒904-0417 Okinawa, Onna-son, 3459-1 Maeda